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The Story of the Great Party

Our seventh Zoom Ark was on

July 19th 2020. 

We looked at

The Story of the Great Party.

(Luke 14:15-24)

The Craft Challenge was to make a party hat, decorate a paper plate or make some decorations!

We thought about how God's Kingdom is like a big party where everybody is invited. We are all God's V.I.P's - "very important people". We thought how good it is too encourage people and to tell them how special they are to us and to God. 

We shared a poem based on the story, you can read it here or watch

it here. Coming soon. 

     Everyone is Welcome in God's Kingdom. Luke 13 29 - 30

  "People will come from the east, west, north, and south.

They will sit down at the table in God’s kingdom. People who have the lowest place in life now will have the highest place in God’s kingdom. And people who have the highest place now will have the lowest place in God’s kingdom.”  

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